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Iphimedia provides management advice and has a demonstrated capability to analyze, originate, structure, and execute proprietary opportunities.  Iphimedia is privileged to have a network of domain experts in a variety of industries and capital providers who deliver value added solutions not available from conventional financing sources.

Iphimedia helps corporations create new wealth by developing innovation approaches to launch new products or services, introduce improvements to the existing product portfolio, or exploit new business opportunities.

Strategy Consulting and Investment Banking Advisory
Based on the current direction of innovation, Iphimedia develops scenarios to identify what moves will capture the next cycle of wealth in an industry. Iphimedia then provides objective advice to senior managers on the best strategies to capture that wealth.


Iphimedia LC is limited liability company with Mr. Bem as the sole member. 


Gene Bem has more than 20 years experience as a management consultant and investment advisor to senior executives.   He has worked with clients of all sizes from the Fortune 500 to start-ups. He has held senior partner positions in two Boston based boutique strategy firms and Oliver Wyman (formerly Mercer Management Consulting) one of the largest consultancies in the world. His expertise is primarily in crafting and implementing winning strategies for corporations using sound customer analysis combined with innovation portfolio valuation. He has delivered several projects that have created millions of dollars of corporate value. He received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from West Virginia University.