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As a co-founder of Exchange Partners Mr. Bem, Managing Director, Iphimedia LC contributed significantly to this articles research and example consulting case studies:


Title:  Realize Your Customers' Full Profit Potential
Author(s): Alan W.H. Grant, Leonard A. Schlesinger
Journal: Harvard Business Review Article
Publication Date: Sep 1, 1995
Length: 14p


Achieving the full profit potential of each customer relationship should be the fundamental goal of every business. The logic is as simple as it is compelling: Profits from customer relationships are the lifeblood of all businesses. And, at the most basic level, these profits can be increased in only three ways: by acquiring new customers, by enhancing the profitability of existing customers, and by extending the duration of customer relationships. Yet the business models that drive decisions in most large companies were forged before it was possible to focus directly on these key drivers of business profitability. Today companies can use information and technology tools to link their investments in customer relationships to the returns that customers generate. In other words, companies can now optimize what the authors call the value exchange: the relationship between a company's financial investment in customer relationships and the return that customers generate in responding to that investment.